Flyer_DL_EnglischIn Q3 2013 EHZ GmbH acquired the float switch activities from GIFAS W.J. Gröninger GmbH.

GIFAS had originally acquired these activities from Reichensperger in Q4 2011.

Hence, in addition to the EHZ series of float switches, proven since 1989, we now manufacture the GIFAS (former Reichensperger) range of float switches. These switches are typed EHZ-FS-E; EHZ-FS-C (changeover contacts) and EHZ-FS-E2 (smaller body)

The acquisition included all rights, patents and the complete manufacturing line.

The original range of EHZ Type 6.x float switches continue to feature that they can be combined with virtually any cable. This allows to provide the best solution for any environment such as chemically aggressive media or Ex-i applications.